Authorizations & Charges

After you place an order, you can see the pre-authorized reservations and pending payments in the total order amount in your account. The pre-authorization process will require you to verify the card number, status, funds and billing information to ensure that the information is consistent with the content on file with the bank. The initial authorization will be displayed in your account for a period of time, and will no longer be displayed after it expires.

We will not deduct money from your account before your packages are shipped. After the bank receives the authorization, it will not deduct the money from your account immediately. Your bank will freeze the amount for a period of time. Please note that each financial institution has a different authorization retention policy, some banks may contact you to obtain more account information. Please contact your bank for specific authorization and charging information.

The cost will only be deducted after the packages are shipped. If you purchase multiple items, we may authorize and charge for each order separately.