SUNCREAT - July 11 2022

#What We Create: Blaze Family

Blaze family, known as @ourfamilyadventures on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, loved and have traveled the world with many memories. We were excited to know their colorful experience and opinions about travel and outdoor activities!

Here's our interview:

Hi, we've followed you on social media, but please introduce yourself to everyone, especially new friends.

We are the Blaze family! I’m Tiffany, and my husband is Jacob. We have 3 kids: Taylor (23), Ocea (7), and Cedar (5). We typically travel 4-5 months of the year, but our home base is in Franklin, TN.

What countries and cities have you been to? Which place do you like best and why?

As of this month, we have been to 48 states with our two littles. We just took them to Minnesota, and we loved it so much we are already planning our next trip back. My husband and I have been to several countries individually, but we’ve taken the little ones to Canada, Iceland, and Mexico so far. We are dying to get them to Ireland because that’s been our absolute favorite.

What made you want to take a camera to record your life and post them on social media? 

I naturally love taking videos of my kids to have when they’re older. Combine that with a love of photography, and that’s how we ended up here. It’s also been really fun to share our story and remind others that it is possible to travel with kids. It’s actually super enjoyable!

What does outdoor life mean to you? What is the most memorable time you spent outdoors? 

We believe an outdoor life is a life well-lived. From the fresh air to the scenic views, it’s a perfect place for our children to explore God’s creation. I’d have to say one of our most memorable days would be the day we took a boat out on Lake Powell. I remember our whole family being in awe the entire time.

SUNCREAT - June 28th 2023

Ensuring Hammock Safety for Children and Parents: A Comprehensive Guide

Hammocks provide a serene and comfortable way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. However, when it comes to hammock usage, especially with children, safety should be a top priority. To ensure a secure and enjoyable experience, both parents and children must adhere to certain guidelines. In this article, we will discuss essential hammock safety tips for children and parents, allowing everyone to relax with peace of mind.

1.Choose the Right Hammock

Selecting a suitable hammock is crucial for ensuring safety. Consider the following factors:

a. Weight capacity: Ensure that the hammock can support the weight of both the child and the parent.

b. Size: Opt for a hammock with ample space to comfortably accommodate both individuals.

c. Material quality: Choose a hammock made of durable and strong materials that can withstand regular use.

2.Inspect the Hammock

Before each use, thoroughly inspect the hammock to identify any signs of wear and tear, such as frayed ropes or fabric. Check the hammock's suspension system, ensuring that it is in good condition and securely attached to the supporting trees or posts.

3.Set up the Hammock Properly

Follow these guidelines for safe hammock setup:

a. Find sturdy support: Ensure that the trees or posts used for hanging the hammock are strong and stable. Avoid trees with weak or diseased branches.

b. Height and distance: Hang the hammock at an appropriate height, ensuring that it is not too high or too low. Maintain a safe distance from the ground to prevent accidental you a lot.

c. Avoid sharp objects: Ensure that the area surrounding the hammock is free from any sharp objects, rocks, or protruding roots that may pose a risk of injury.

4.Teach Proper Entry and Exit Techniques

Demonstrate and practice safe entry and exit methods with your child:

a. Enter the hammock from the side, rather than jumping into it.

b. Hold onto the hammock's sides while sitting down and gradually shifting weight into it.

c. Teach children how to get out of the hammock safely, encouraging them to use their hands for support.

5.Supervise Young Children

Children should always be supervised while using a hammock. Be attentive to their movements and behavior, ensuring they don't engage in any unsafe activities, such as swinging excessively or attempting stunts that may lead to falls or injuries.

6.Avoid Rough Play and Overloading

Discourage rough play or excessive swinging in the hammock, as this can lead to accidents. Remind children to share the hammock space and not overload it with more weight than it can safely support.

7.Beware of Weather Conditions

Be mindful of weather conditions before using the hammock, especially during strong winds, thunderstorms, or heavy rain. It's crucial to avoid using the hammock during adverse weather to prevent accidents or damage.

8.Practice Safe Hammock Etiquette

Teach your child to respect the hammock and use it responsibly:

a. Discourage jumping or standing in the hammock.

b. Remind them not to swing the hammock too forcefully, as it can lead to instability.

c. Avoid using sharp objects or wearing accessories that may damage the hammock, such as belts or jewelry.

9.Teach First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Ensure that both you and your child are familiar with basic first aid techniques and emergency procedures. This knowledge can be valuable in case of minor accidents or injuries that may occur while using the hammock.

10.Use Protective Padding

Consider using protective padding or cushions underneath the hammock to provide an extra layer of safety and comfort. This can help reduce the impact in case of accidental falls or provide a soft landing for children.

11.Secure Loose Items

Before getting into the hammock, ensure that any loose items such as toys, books, or electronic devices are safely stored away. These items can pose a risk of falling or causing injuries if they are not secured properly.

12.Be Mindful of Hammock Accessories

While hammock accessories can add convenience and enjoyment, such as drink holders or attached pockets, be cautious not to overload them or hang heavy items that could create instability or cause the hammock to tip over.

13.Check for Allergens

Before setting up the hammock, check the surrounding area for potential allergens such as poison ivy or insect nests. Be mindful of any plants or insects that could cause an allergic reaction or pose a safety hazard, especially for children with known allergies.

14.Teach Safe Hammock Sharing

If multiple children or family members are using the hammock together, educate them on the importance of sharing the space and being considerate of one another. Encourage them to take turns and avoid rough movements that could disrupt balance and stability.

15.Regularly Clean and Maintain the Hammock

Keep the hammock clean and well-maintained to ensure its longevity and safety. Regularly inspect for signs of mold, mildew, or damage and clean the hammock according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will help prevent any potential hazards and maintain its integrity over time.

16.Learn Proper Knots and Suspension Techniques

If you're using a hammock with ropes or straps, educate yourself on proper knot tying techniques and suspension systems. This will ensure that the hammock is securely attached and reduce the risk of it coming loose or collapsing.

17.Consider Hammock Safety Gear

For added safety, consider using additional hammock safety gear such as carabiners, tree protectors, or adjustable suspension systems. These accessories can provide extra stability and support, particularly in challenging or uneven terrain.

By prioritizing safety, you can create a worry-free environment that allows everyone to fully embrace the relaxing benefits of a hammock. Spend quality time with your family, sharing stories, and enjoying the beauty of nature while instilling a sense of responsibility and awareness.

Remember, hammocks offer a unique opportunity to unwind, recharge, and connect with loved ones. By following these safety tips, you can create cherished memories and foster a deep appreciation for the joys of outdoor relaxation.

So, go ahead and set up your hammock, immerse yourself in its gentle sway, and enjoy the tranquility it brings. With proper safety measures in place, you can experience the ultimate blend of comfort, peace, and togetherness.

Stay safe, relax, and cherish those precious moments in the hammock with your children!

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When was your last backyard makeover? What updates did you make?

We are actually working on that now since we recently moved. I love creating an inviting space that says, “Psst, it’s more fun out here than inside.” I want my family and friends to want to hang outdoors when they visit. 

What originally made you want a hammock? Why did you finally choose SUNCREAT?

I really enjoy snuggling up with the kids and reading books to them. We also love finding shapes and pictures in the clouds. It’s one of my favorite memories from my childhood, and I want to share that experience with them. I did some research on hammocks and loved the SUNCREAT’s reviews and styles. We are loving our hammock and so happy with our choice.

When do you find yourself using the hammock most often? Weekend or weekday? At your leisure or after a busy day? 

Our absolute favorite time to lie in the hammock is just before dinner time. I take each child out individually for a one-on-one, and we lie in in it searching the clouds and chatting about their favorite part of the day. They almost always say, “right now.”