SUNCREAT - July 11 2022

#What We Create: Blaze Family

Blaze family, known as @ourfamilyadventures on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, loved and have traveled the world with many memories. We were excited to know their colorful experience and opinions about travel and outdoor activities!

Here's our interview:

Hi, we've followed you on social media, but please introduce yourself to everyone, especially new friends.

We are the Blaze family! I’m Tiffany, and my husband is Jacob. We have 3 kids: Taylor (23), Ocea (7), and Cedar (5). We typically travel 4-5 months of the year, but our home base is in Franklin, TN.

What countries and cities have you been to? Which place do you like best and why?

As of this month, we have been to 48 states with our two littles. We just took them to Minnesota, and we loved it so much we are already planning our next trip back. My husband and I have been to several countries individually, but we’ve taken the little ones to Canada, Iceland, and Mexico so far. We are dying to get them to Ireland because that’s been our absolute favorite.

What made you want to take a camera to record your life and post them on social media? 

I naturally love taking videos of my kids to have when they’re older. Combine that with a love of photography, and that’s how we ended up here. It’s also been really fun to share our story and remind others that it is possible to travel with kids. It’s actually super enjoyable!

What does outdoor life mean to you? What is the most memorable time you spent outdoors? 

We believe an outdoor life is a life well-lived. From the fresh air to the scenic views, it’s a perfect place for our children to explore God’s creation. I’d have to say one of our most memorable days would be the day we took a boat out on Lake Powell. I remember our whole family being in awe the entire time.

SUNCREAT - Sept 21th 2022

How to Choose A Hammock

                                                                                                                -  The Ultimate Hammock Buying Guide

What are the must-haves that will make your outdoor time a joy? There’s no right or wrong answer. For me, bright sunshine, fresh air and hammock!

Served as an outdoor life darling, hammock is the ultimate place to relax, which contributes to better sleep under the stars.

You must have an ideal hammock in mind, but there might be still some uncertainties about the details. How to choose a hammock that best meets your needs? We're here to help you find your perfect hang!

Tips when choosing your hammock:

Size: The main difference here is Single vs. Double. Most single hammocks have width in 2-3 feet, while the doubles are around 4-5 feet. The perfection of single hammock lies in that it occupies less space with high satisfaction of demand for use. However, if space allows, double hammock will certainly double the comfort. Feel free to adjust to find the most comfortable position and invite your family, friends or pet to share hammock time.

End use: Backpacking vs. Courtyard. For backpacking, portability shall be the key consideration. If for backyard use only, easy and quick assembly & disassembly of the hammock matters most instead of the hammock weight. If it takes more than 10 minutes to install/remove the hammock, the happiness it brings to you will be greatly reduced. In addition, to prolong the service life of the hammock, we recommend moving it indoors in rainy or bad weather. Hence, it’s a good idea to match your hammock with wheel kit and cover to facilitate moving and protecting it.

Accessories: Hanging hammocks are recommended to be used with tree straps, so that it will not hurt trees but also convenient to set up and use. Of course, you must first estimate the distance between the trees before choosing the right length of hammock. The freestanding hammock comes with stand and can be placed anywhere in the backyard. The assembly design has been optimized to become easier, accompanied with installation manual. Also, if you have any questions or doubts during assembly, let us know. More than happy to help you! For the convenience of daily use, some hammocks are also equipped with magazine bag and cup holder.

Comfort: How to define comfort? It depends on the fabric. Hammock filled with polyester is soft to use, which is suitable for all seasons and meets the needs of most customers. Textilene hammock will be slightly harder, but is perfect for you to hang it by your pool deck as the fabric does not absorb water and is quick drying. The cotton rope hammock features soft because of the large proportion of cotton while the net surface facilitates air circulation and enhances its breathability. The cotton rope hammock may be slightly extended during use. Adjust the length of the chains at both ends of the hammock to find the perfect height of your hammock.

Any more doubts, welcome to reach out:

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When was your last backyard makeover? What updates did you make?

We are actually working on that now since we recently moved. I love creating an inviting space that says, “Psst, it’s more fun out here than inside.” I want my family and friends to want to hang outdoors when they visit. 

What originally made you want a hammock? Why did you finally choose SUNCREAT?

I really enjoy snuggling up with the kids and reading books to them. We also love finding shapes and pictures in the clouds. It’s one of my favorite memories from my childhood, and I want to share that experience with them. I did some research on hammocks and loved the SUNCREAT’s reviews and styles. We are loving our hammock and so happy with our choice.

When do you find yourself using the hammock most often? Weekend or weekday? At your leisure or after a busy day? 

Our absolute favorite time to lie in the hammock is just before dinner time. I take each child out individually for a one-on-one, and we lie in in it searching the clouds and chatting about their favorite part of the day. They almost always say, “right now.”